Why Does My Podcast Need a Transcript?

SEO Benefits: Currently, one of the major issues with podcasters is their inability to promote their content outside the audio format. Adding a transcript optimizes your podcast for search engines (like Google) and you’re more likely to draw traffic as your podcast is now search engine ready and will be guided to your website/podcast if they’re interested in what you offer.

Not Just Listeners: Adding transcripts opens up your podcast to people who like to read instead of listening. This may be the preferred way of consuming podcasts for folks who are too busy to listen to the whole podcast and can skim through the transcript and focus on the exact information that they need.

Improved Social Media Reach: If you use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote your podcast, using text snippets from previous podcasts is a good way to attract more subscribers who are interested in what you talk about.

I’m Interested, Now How Much Will This Cost Me?

Our rates start from $0.85 per audio minute to $0.97 per audio minute (lowest in the human transcription services available right now, we checked!) depending on the number of speakers involved, audio quality, and special requests (like timestamping, keyword discovery, etc.). We do run discount offers from time to time, so be sure to use our Contact page or email us at contact@speechdocs.com to know more!

Sounds Reasonable, But How Does It All Work?

You can send us the recordings 4 to 7 days before they are released if you want the transcripts ready to publish at the same time as an episode/shownotes. Alternatively, we can monitor your podcast and mail you the transcripts once they are done, which will minimize the effort on your end of sending us the recordings!

I’m Definitely Interested Now, But How Do Payments Work?

We accept payments through PayPal. We will bill you at the end of every calendar month with an invoice sent directly to your mail or via PayPal.