Our Story


Our journey, which was later to become SpeechDocs, started as a two-man team of brothers, Ravi and Dax. With our extensive experience in the transcription industry, an idea arose of providing quality transcription service with the least turnaround time possible without compromising on quality and accuracy. We also felt we needed to further narrow down the field to a niche service. After extensive brainstorming sessions and much more extensive research, we stumbled upon a lack of proper transcriptions service in the podcasting industry. What followed was a flurry of emails, Zoom meetings, and Whatsapp messages and after a lot of trials and tribulations, we could finally land a few genuine clients initially, who have stuck with us even now, and many more.


Fast forward to the present,  we are now a team consisting 25 experienced transcribers. With us being spread all over the world, our team members add a diverse background experience in the transcription domain, which enables us to match each client with a transcriber who has experience in what they talk about! We now provide our services to more than 15 podcasters who have a collective subscription of 500,000 listeners. Don’t believe us? Check our testimonials!